Reasons to be grateful

I know I have so much to be grateful for, although I don’t always remember every minute of everyday. What I am most grateful for are the people I have in my life that love and care for me, and who I love and care for in return.

I am thankful every day for my life and where I’ve ended up. Life has been good to me and I always count my blessings. I think that’s important for me to enjoy the simple things in my life.
gunung kinabalu

I am grateful for my God whom I trust for giving me life, good health and guidance . I am grateful for the love of my husband because he says when we met he knew he wanted me for his own and has never made me feel that he changed his mind. A beautiful caring man who is giving me everything my heart has desired.


I have been grateful for my children because it is still amazing to hear “I love you mama” and I get to hear it regularly. I have been grateful for my parents and family for their love and thrust.

I have been grateful for my wonderful freinds here who give me the strengh to live also when I’m down. A friends like you is almost too good to be true. The laughter, the tears we have been throught them over the years. The time, we have shared no one could compare. The lessons we have learned , the time we have been burned , the moments together we have made those will never fade.

I just want you to know how much I cherish you so. We are able to talk about our deepest hopes, fears and confusions with each other without any judgement. I am so blessed.

For all my loving friends here, everyday…there is always something to be grateful about…

I won’t live long, either, considering how fast a lifetime speeds by and I notice the flowers more often now. Who knows, perhaps the time I have left on this earth will be counted in months rather than years and I only wish that I could display myself as beautifully as a flower with what time I have left.

Have you ever considered the flower? It doesn’t live long, but while it does, it displays itself so beautifully.
It doesn’t concern itself with tomorrow, or yesterday; only this one precious moment is important as it unfolds its petals. It positions itself so that it doesn’t crowd the other flowers; they all find their place in the field, quietly growing in silence and peace.
I will dedicate myself to truth, no longer greedy or fearful, or thinking that I am special. I will trust that the rain will fall, and that the light will help me grow.

©Kujie ~ dalam situasi hilang kestabilan ,saya salin tampal entri lama di dalam bahasa alien, maaf !

Ditemani  petikan piano Yiruma – Kiss The Rain…. Hujan di luar bilakah berhenti?

Pemilik tidak akan bertanggungjawab terhadap sebarang kerosakkan atau kehilangan yang dialami disebabkan oleh penggunaan maklumat di dalam laman ini. Jika anda memerlukan perkhidmatan nasihat yang khusus, sila dapatkan pakar bertauliah dan berpengetahuan di dalam bidang berkenaan. Untuk biodata penuh boleh lihat di Biodata Kujie

14 thoughts on “Reasons to be grateful

  1. Salam kak jie…
    Menjadi orang yang bersyukur tak mudah sebenarnya. Su sendiri masih belajar, mahu menjadi manusia yang bersyukur setiap masa. Lebih dan kurang dalam kehidupan, memang ada sebab ia ditentukan Allah dan pastinya ada hikmah untuk kita.

    Rasa syukur itu, bila ia mampu memenuhi, segala perkara yang menyakitkan hati dan kepala akan semakin mengecil dan mengecil dan mengecil… lalu insyaAllah akan menghilang. Stress dan tension pula boleh menterbalikkan keadaan itu. Jadi… kak jie tenang-tenang aja ya. (suka ayat Indonesia ni… hehe) Istirehat sepenuhnya. Kami semua mendoakan kak jie…
    .-= suara´s last blog ..Ikhlas Yang Dibalas. =-.

  2. huhuhu

    It sound you have display a heavy matter, a burden ones.. huhuhu…

    You just so close make me weeping tears.. huhuhu

    anyway, this alien language made me fening kepala sikit, becoz required a dictionary always sit next to my side giteww.. huhuhuhu

    .-= maza´s last blog ..Kelab Jiwa Luka =-.

  3. Kak Jie,

    Shouldn’t consider that life is an ending matter, bcoz life never ends, it will be just relocated, migrated, shifted from one world to another. That’s the beauty of being human and what more being a muslim, we believe that life is a passage from a world to another world and ends in the internal world…. you be strong sis.
    .-= AyKay´s last blog ..Pecah Hati Kerana Menderhaka =-.

    1. @AyKay,

      aderk! den terkesima ekau cakap mcm tu lah.. huhuhu

      life is a passage from one world to another, just the matter of relocate, migrate and shift…wow!

      .-= maza´s last blog ..Kelab Jiwa Luka =-.

  4. Kak Jie… continue fighting ok! Sekang ni mungkin kak Jie down. Saya pasti kak Jie pasti boleh melaluinya. You’re a strong person. Don’t demoralize yourself. There must be blessing in disguise… hold on to Him as He knows the best for all of us!
    .-= suealeen´s last blog ..PediaSure FAQ =-.

  5. Yes I am. ha 😀 Yupe! We should be grateful for every single thing that He above all ceilings blessed us with. Sometimes his blessings may not look obvious but it is very important. 😀

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