It’ll be a long way… so, Bye now!

It’ll be a long way… so, Bye now!

I got an offer to a school…
It’s 368 kilometers away from home…

And I accepted.
It’ll be a long way…
so, Bye now!

Oh,I got tagged by aizawasuki

1. What’s your favorite color?

2. What’s your biggest fear?
A psychomaniac killer with a chainsaw, and no one came to save me.

3. What are your hobbies?
Doodling, drawing, colouring, inking, sketching,wasting some A4 papers
Video gaming, studying(yeah, right)

4. Describe yourself in three words:
1)Pen-Collecting-madness (←this counts as one word)
2)money waster
3)Handsome (stop it wll ya?!)

5. Are you Seme or Uke?
I’m not Gay all right!!

6. Zodiac symbol?

7. Where you from?
Somewhere in uterus

8. Random Fact:
Always lost my keys orz

1.Whats your favorite coat?
the one that have a collar like this, sleeves like this, and butttons that looked like this ^.^

2. Tennis shoes or High heels?
Tennis shoes with high heels

3. Formal or informal?

4. Describe your style of dress:
Come see it yourself

5. Hats?
i think.. no

6. Sunglasses?
i’ts not possible to wear a sunglasses if i’m already wearing glasses
i’ll give it a ‘no’

7. Accessories?
Black glasses, black and white Watch, Black and white sneakers, Black, silver ring and black and white bag

8. Coat or sweatshirt?
swecoatsrt ^.^

9. Pajamas in public?!
why should I?

10. What is normally attached to your person?
My File.. (my artworks keep getting stolen)
~Five Obsessions~
1)My parents (i’m a good son to have thehe..)
3)swords (i’m going to make one once I have enough money)
4)Alaskan dogs (they’re so cute~!)

~Do you…?~
1. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Hey! look, it’s Mickey Mouse!

2. Hate someone?
You damned snatch stealer!!!!!!

3. Love someone?

4. Want to kill someone?
*grabs my Spas12* Anyone volunteered?

5. Like cookies?!
only delicious ones

6. Have any secrets?
you want to know i got any secrets? Secret ^.^

7. Have any pets?
Fishy1, Fishy2, Fishy3, Fishy4, Fishy5, Fishy6, Fishy7, Fishy8, Fishy9, Fishy10, Fishy11, Fishy12, Fishy13, Fishy14, Fishy15, Fishy16, Fishy17, Fishy18, Fishy19, Fishy20, Fishy21, Fishy22, Fishy23, Fishy24, Fishy25, Fishy26, Fishy27, Fishy28, Fishy29, Fishy30, Fishy31 err… where was I? Oh, Yeah, Fishy12, Fishy13, Fishy14….. oh, no no no… it’s Fishy 32? no,Fishy36… err…

8. Like cartoons?
Anime!!! and spongebob

9. Often go to the movies?

10. Think the cake is a lie?
the cake is a lie the cake is a lie the cake is a lie
the cake is a lie the cake is a lie the cake is a lie
the cake is a lie the cake is a lie the cake is a lie
Arrgghh!!! I can’t stop!!!

~Have you…?~
1. Kissed someone?

2. Fallen in love?
Fallen from a bike, yes

3. Danced in the rain?
yea… on a bike…

4. Swam nekkid?

5. Traveled through space and time?!
Yes via Videogame

6. Broken up with someone?

7. Gotten in a fight?
heh, yes… he ran away

8. Been slapped?

9. Climbed a tree?
umm.. no… i think…

10. Played DDR?
no… ever seen it face to face

~What would you do if…?~
1. I died?
Who are you?

2. I kissed you?
You lose your nose

3. I hugged you?
Who are you people?!
4. I held your hand?
I didn’t know my hand is so attractive..^.^

5. I said I loved you?
That doesn’t mean I love you..

6. I said I hated you?
Last time you said you love me, now you hate me…
What’s wrong with you people?!

7. I asked you to marry me?
Who the Hell are you people?!

8. I told you that I wanted to be friends?
First, you said you love me, then hates me, marry me, and now, you wanna be my friend? ok, i’ll be your friend… at least stop changing minds…
9. I wanted us to be together forever?
You mean Forever and ever and ever?
For ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.
ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever?
Forever and ever and ever and ever and…Stop it Patrick!
Chip, show them the exit.

10. I asked you to bear my child?
Your child is a bear?

Angah – bye allz ~ i’ll miss my mom’s blog too

Amirul Syafiq - I got an offer to a college It’s 368 kilometers away from home… "If you're confused you're in Fantasy or Reality, Then you're not in Reality"

37 thoughts on “It’ll be a long way… so, Bye now!

  1. Selamat stadi.. 😉

    p/s: kat skolah takleh online langsung ker? huhu.. :p
    .-= mr.eims @ perfume´s last blog ..Burberry London for classic & elegant women =-.

    1. @mr.eims @ perfume, entri ini di tulis oleh Angah… Angah anak saya berumur 15 tahun 3 bulan yang sambung belajar 😉

      1. @Kujie, oOo.. blog anak beranak kaa? konpius2 😆 aritu dah masuk blog nie lama dah takde update. ingatkan tuan blog mmg g stadi sampai takleh update. hhu..
        .-= mr.eims @ perfume´s last blog ..Glow by Jennifer Lopez – Lovely, Clean, Luxurious =-.

  2. w00t, jauh pegi tue.. mengajar ke? blog tak tinggal kan?
    .-= samanosuke_04´s last blog ..Eurotrip 2.0: Amsterdamned! (part 1) =-.

    1. @samanosuke_04, tu post di tulis oleh Angah lah..dia pun penulis kt blog ni tau

      share anak beranak 😆
      dia masuk MRSM

  3. Bye angah…take care. ingat pesan ayah ibu. u hav a bright sunny future. make ur mom n dad proud,ok sweetie? ur mom is great and u will be greater soon. remember Allah always, and u will be safe.
    And many things i learn from ur tagged lists. 😉

    1. @Haniey, thanks …. 😀

      He was a good son .. each child has a different personality..Along or Angah..sama saja..ada kurang ada lebih masing2.. apa yg parents boleh buat, recognize, accept and appreciate 🙂

  4. semoga angah happy di tempat baru..& jgn lupa pesan mummy ok… 😀
    .-= Ayah Aiman´s last blog ..Fuhh! Lega Rasanya =-.

  5. selamat berjuang angah… cewah macam nak gi perang jer… gud luck.. gamate.. 😉
    .-= yati´s last blog ..Aleesya Humaira =-.

  6. Angah rupanya…
    All the best…. jadi anak kebanggan ayah dan ibu.
    .-= Kak Long´s last blog ..Dunia batinku membuat aku menangis =-.

  7. ILMU mesti dicari. Mencari perlu pengorbanan. Pengorbanan itu meninggalkan keluarga yg disayangi. Tiada ILMU dapat tanpa pengorbanan. Begitu juga IMAN.
    .-= denaihati´s last blog ..KEPUTUSAN Ranking HIDUP BERANI UNTUK GAGAL =-.

    1. @denaihati, betul tuhh..klu tak masakan ada pepatah: tuntutlah ilmu hingga sampai ke negeri CHINA…
      .-= Ayah Aiman´s last blog ..Fuhh! Lega Rasanya =-.

  8. kalau kena ragging cakap nama ariff shah 3x. nanti mesti orang tu tak kacau punya. hahaha~
    .-= ariff´s last blog ..Kita Merancang Allah yang Menentukan =-.

    1. @ariff, nnti abg ariff bwk gangster belasah orang iteww..
      .-= Ayah Aiman´s last blog ..Fuhh! Lega Rasanya =-.

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